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November 2007: We are beginning our Caribbean Adventure

For those of you who have followed our lives over this summer know that we only recently decided to have Impromptu shipped to the Caribbean by Dockwise (on Super Servant 3) after all. It has been a challenging summer, one we only in part look happily back on. As one says, life goes on, and, therefore, we decided to take the leap.

This meant lots of last minute preparation, including getting proper insurance coverage, having a few items fixed / maintained on Impromptu that had bothered us over the summer and, last but certainly not least, provisioning - at least in terms of all non-refrigerated items. Of course, there were a number of cases of wine to carry aboard, lots of Pellegrino, bottled water for coffee (I just don't like our coffee made from tank water, no matter how fresh it seems), jams, jellies, rice, coffee, filter paper, mustard, vinegar, olive oil, sardines, pickles, peppers in jars, Parmalat milk, Pomi tomatoes, great for tomato sauce and similar items, nuts, dried fruit, tuna, peas, chocolate, cookies, etc., etc. It also meant getting the laundry ready, as many things taken to the boat (towels, sheets, clothes), heavy items such as a computer, camera equipment, CDs and DVDs for burning and similar items. We spent weekends or weekdays getting it all ready.

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 Dec. 18 - 31| Martinique
 Dec. 7-16| St. Croix
 Dec. 1-6| St. John
 Nov. 27-Nov. 30| Still in St. Thomas
 November 7-26 | Preparing Impromptu and the Beginning  | of our Voyage into the Caribbean