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Family & Friends

We are a family that loves to celebrate special occasions. In 2005, we decided to have a party after our Transatlantic sailing adventure. Approximately 50 people joined us in our celebration. We had a lot of fun and we also honored in particular two friends who also crossed the Atlantic, one, Gerhard, single handedly, in 1981. We met him in Bermuda on our first "big sailing trip" which was "only" to Bermuda from Milford, Connecticut. Sigi, the other friend, was part of the crew of Varuna, taking part in the Daimler-Chrysler transatlantic race.

2006 was a very special year. It started out for us with our 25th wedding anniversary, celebrated in Madeira. There were the weddings of our nieces Claudia (and Ruben) and Andrea (and Sander) which we could not miss for anything. All this was topped off with "Mutti's/Omi's" (Juergen's mother's) 100th birthday in November.

In 2007, Juergen celebrated his 70th birthday - see the images under its special heading. In 2008, we arranged for a family reunion under the excuse that we were celebrating our 2007 joint round birthdays. It was a great affair and lots of fun though we complained about our hotel a lot. Also here, we have pictures to prove the point.

This November, Juergen and I went to Mexico, totally unplanned, but we had received an offer that was too good to be true. Well, we had a ball and celebrated Juergen's 71st birthday while there, enjoying the fantastic hotel, the scenery, the incredibly beautiful weather. See below under the most recent heading.

See for yourselves:

|France 2010
|Croatia 2010
|Stefie's 40th - January 2, 2010
|Mexico - November 2-9, 2009
|Berit and Marcel's Wedding 2009
|Trip to Germany 2009

|Mexico - November 6-13, 2008

| Family Reunion in Maine - July 14-21, 2008
| Juergen's small Surprise 70th Birthday Party (November 12, 2007)
| Portugal with Ulli and Family (July 2007)
| Visit with the Mogers (in the Bahamas)
| Boston Visit 2007
| Christopher born November 25, 2006
| Omi's 100th Birthday in 2006

| Andrea's Wedding in 2006

| Claudia's Wedding in 2006
| Madeira
| Germany by Car