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It has always been Juergen's dream to cross the Atlantic by boat. Though I love sailing and certainly have gotten quite fond of our HR 46 and can handle sailing her quite well, I never really felt like a dare devil and thought of trips longer than from Montauk, Long Island, to Bermuda, to be the greatest distance I would ever want to go. Over the years, Juergen worked on me and my psyche and so, on June 1, 2005, we finally left Milford to cross the Atlantic. There were great days and miserable ones, largely weather related, in just a few instances caused by battery or other technical problems. You have read all of this, and I don't want to bore you.

Instead, I just want to lead you into reading on, if you have not already gotten bored with our earlier descriptions (see 2005 and 2006), about our travels in 2007 and 2008. We had no plans to go beyond May/June 2008 and decided on our "normal" life, taking land trips, sailing in our local waters. And then, Dietmar's invitation to join him in the Caribbean on his Hylas 54 "Romany Life" came. It did not take us long to accept sailing with him from St. Maarten to Grenada and the island-hopping back North. So, on March 3rd, we will be flying to St. Maarten. The rest will be written up (hopefully and WIFI access depending) as our adventure unfolds. Happy reading!

And here we are in May of 2010 with another sailing adventure, this time within the US, from Milford, our home port, to the Chesapeake Bay, approximately 300 nm to get there, then sailing around and enjoying this beautiful body of water and warmer temperatures - we hope, and sailing back, all within approximately 3 - 4 weeks. We will be visiting with Dietmar and Mary Lou and also hope to see Tom and Cathie who we had met in Charleston, SC, in 2006 on our way back from the Bahamas. Have fun reading.



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