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April 6 - April 20, 2008: St. Barthelemy - St. Maarten

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St. Barts' Chart
Sunset in St. Barts
Dingy Ride to Gustavia
Chart of St. Barts
Sunset at St. Barts
Dinghy Ride into Gustavia
Downtown St. Barts
Typical Wooden House in French West Indies
Downtown Gustavia
Anchor from the 18th Century (or earlier?)
Wooden Structure typical for the French West Indies' Architecture
Downtown Gustavia
Another Glimpse of Downtown G.
Downtown Gustavia
Lunch in Gustavia
Lunch at the Wall House
Lunch in Gustavia, right on the Harbor
Lunch at the Wall House
Gustavia - from up high
Lunch at the Wall House Restaurant
View onto Gustavia's Harbor
View over the Bay


St. Maarten - as of April 9 - We took the 1730 Bridge Opening into Simpson Bay Lagoon - Photos to follow once our write-up on St. Maarten is complete also.

Sunset at Simpson Bay Marina
Impromptu in Sling
Our own "Reef"
Sunset at Simpson Bay Marina
Impromptu in the "sling"
Our own "Reef"
More Reef
The Crew
View from our Hotel
more "Reef" on Impromptu's Bottom
"our" Crew
View from our Hotel Room onto Great Bay, Philipsburg
more View...
Our Room Door
Car Trip over St. Maarten, Atlantic Side
View from our Hotel Porch
Our Room Entrance
Atlantic Coast of St. Maarten
Beautiful Bays
more beautiful Bays
Gorgeous Bays all along the Atlantic Coast of St. Maarten, mostly on the French Side
The Northern Coast with Narrow Harbor entrances
Local Architecture
Grand Case
On the Northern Part of the Island - very narrow Marina Entrance to the right
Local Architecture in Grand Case, North of Marigot - very picturesque
View of St. Barts in the Background
Impromptu - Bottom Repainted
Overbuilding - the Disease of some of the Islands...
View of St. Barts
Impromptu - Bottom Repainted
Overbuilding, the Disease of many of the Caribbean Islands