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January 7 - February 7, 2008: Back to Martinique

Back after a brief trip to St. Lucia, we had a few uneventful days. But today, January 12, we visited a street fair, experienced some incredibly gloomy weather and thought that you might want to take part in our life - even those less specctacular events...

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street fair in Le Marin
local art1
wedding at the "mairie"
Local Street Fair
Wedding at the "Mairie"
one of two live bands
family affair
the other live band
One of two live Bands
Family Affair
The other live Band
local veggies
Local Fruits and Vegetables, including Coconuts
Local Art
Local Art


Local Art made of Tires mostly


Impressions of Le Marin - taken after our visit of the Street Fair, and the incredible Weather that surprises us time and again...

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Its a hot climate
our new neighbors
Its hot on Martinique
Axel on his way to make Dinner Reservations
Our new Neighbors
...and their friends
more weather
another front

... and their Friends

Weather Brewing
...more Weather
Local Sailing
a better view
glassbottom boat
Sailing Local Style
...a better View...
Glass Bottom Boat - I always wanted to go on, Juergen does not


Our Good-Bye with Brit and Axel on "Hello-World" - January 15

getting ready to leave
...getting ready...
Flags under our Spreader, France, Martinique
Axel attaching the Dinghy Engine to Hello World
Brit cleaning the Anchor
waving good-bye
Axel waving good-bye
Brit and Axel waving good-bye
...here they go...
from a distance
Juergen's anchor dream
At a Distance
Juergen's Dream Anchor...

January 27 - below, you will see pictures of "Baros's" welcome party as well as the regatta of the local boats with square sails as described in our logbook:

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Eva & Ruediger
Wolfgang exiting his Dinghy
Eva and Ruediger arriving at "Baros"
Eva - with Champagne
Group Photo
Eva -Wolfgang
Group Photo
Regatta Series
Regatta Series
Regatta Series continued
Did you notice that the Suits are matching the Color of the Sails


Our last few days on Martinique's Le Marin

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Le Diamant in sunlight
..in shadow of a huge cloud
beach promenade
Le Diamant in Sunlight ... and under a huge Cloud
Beach Promenade
Main Course
Church in "Diamant"
Lunch in a Creole Restaurant - cooked on a makeshift Stove outside - in the town of Diamant, named after the Rock (above)
Church in Diamant
more images thereof
La Pagerie, the birthhouse of Emperess Josephine- and the "Canerie" (where Sugar was made from Sugar Cane") - we could not get into the actual Birthhouse, if it is ever possible...
Juergen sightseeing
Mount Pele?
Martinique Weather - again...
Juergen, sightseeing at the Pagerie
We thought this was Mount Pelee (without cloud coverage for the first time since we arrived) - it is the mountain that devastated Ste. Pierre in 1902, killing all but five or six inhabitants. Once we arrived in St. Pierre, we realized that this was not the case. Pelee is too proud to be seen and seems to be hidden in clouds all the time.
Martinique Weather, the way we have experienced it more often than we cared for

St. Pierre - the way we experienced it - and actually found it quite charming.

They were celebrating Carneval on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Tuesday night all night until the early morning hours, to continue as of 1500 again. But by 2200, it all seemed to be over, in part because he had been raining and gotten cooler, in part because most people had to go back to school / work. We left on Thursday morning at 0700 to go to Dominica - finally. But first, see our pictures of St. Pierre.

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Town of St. Pierre
"Our" Restaurant
St. Pierre
St. Pierre - and "our" favorite Restaurant - great Pizza!
Eglise de Mouillage
Sign describing the History of l"Eglise the Mouillage
Impromptu at Anchor
Eglise du Mouillage
Impromptu at Anchor in St. Pierre
Our Friends' Visit
A last good-bye
800 seat Theater
Our Friends, Wolfgang, Eva, Annegrete, Juergen, Ruediger
A last Good-Bye
800 Seat Theater
Juergen at Theater
Prison, with Mt. Pelee - hidden in Clouds
Sculpture damaged by Pelee's 1902 Eruption
Juergen in Theater
Prison near Theater

Sculpture damaged by Mt. Pelee's Eruption in 1902; 30,000 People and the entire Town were destroyed on May 8

Plaza in St. Pierre
Clock Tower
Former Military Housing
Plaza and Clock Tower in St. Pierre
Historic Building
Historic Building in St. Pierre
Sunset - finally...
More Carneval
More Carneval
Carneval in St. Pierre