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Dec. 6-Dec. ?: St. Croix

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Christiansted, St. Croix
Impromptu at the dock at St. Croix Marina
Fort Christiansted-Vaern
View of Harbor
Lunch at Blackbeard's Cafe


Driving around St. Croix - December 10, 2007

At the Deep End
Buck Island
Rum to be...
Banana Blossom
GeSeaCo Tanker-Containers
Barrels of Rum...
Cruzan Rum Distillery
Tree at the Cruzan Rum Distillery
Beach near Point Udall, the Eastern-most tip of St. Croix


December 11 and 12 - More Trips by Car around the Island

View East over the Island to Christiansted, Buck Island, Green Cay
Salt River Bay - entrance to the Salt River Marina - through a very narrow Cut in the Reef
The Beach at Salt River Nature Preserve
I assume this is dead Coral, true? I found it lying on the Beach - and we did not remove it as this is against the Spirit of the USVI
A dive or research Vessel moored near "the Wall", a 13000 foot wall famous for deep sea diving - lots of Shipwrecks, etc.
Two of many Horses we saw just tied up alongside the Road for grazing
Point Udall - a rain cloud
Juergen at the Point Udall Monument
Gitti at the same Monument
Point Udall, the Eastern Most point of the USVI - it says the US - we don't believe it (e.g., Alaska...)
Buck Island - and the NE Coastline of St. Croix
Cloud after the Rainstorm
Green Cay in the Background
View from Point Udall right after a Rain Storm - just gorgeous...
On our way back to the Green Cay Marina, with Green Cay at a Distance


December 14, 2007 - our last Day on St. Croix

first Lutheran Church
one of the barsin town
one of many construction sites
First Lutheran Church in Christiansted
Free Beer Tomorrow, the slogan of one of the many Bars in Town
Lots of Construction Sites for a Revival of Christiansted
iguana at the Deep End
same iguana in full length
iguana swimming
Iguana in the Wild - this one at the Deep End, actually near the Beach
Same Iguana in full Length - see the skinny Tail?
Can you make out the Iguana (above the stone and to the right of the stone)?
beach at the Tamarind Reef Hotel
Beach at the Tamarind Reef Hotel, or its bar, the Deep End...