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Family & Friends: New Baby Boy: Christopher, November 25, 2006

What can I say. All our nieces and nephews have given birth (not the guys of course) to gorgeous little girls, yes, it is true, recently only girls were born. There was Megan, Peter's daughter (9 years old on November 5), just about two years later came Johanna, daughter of Susanne and Hannes, in Germany (by now 7 already). Again about 1.5 years later, Sofia was born (you "met" her on Omi's 100th birthday) as the oldest of Stefie and Eddie. Kelsie was yet another addition to the family just a few months old when we departed for Europe (you saw her on the family's good-bye party for us, crowned like a princess). And now, Stefie and Eddie finally broke the string of girl-births by giving birth to little Christopher.

Of course, there are lots of pictures, but we have only seen him on one weekend a few weeks ago. We had hoped to drive up to Concord/Boston to see the entire family again before our departure for Florida. No such luck. Our schedule is already getting crammed.

Here just a few pictures. Don't worry you will see a lot more if you are interested - over the summer months, I am sure we will see the Sim-family a few times, I with my camera ready... Most of the pictures you see here at this point have been taken by various family members, not by me...(thus credit goes to mostly Silvi and Brad and maybe, some others).

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Christopher's first day in our World
Early in his Life
Christopher with his proud Sisters