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March 17, 2010: Les Saintes to Montserrat

March 17

It was around 5:30. We already had breakfast and were underway at dawn. It was beautiful - little wind unfortunately. Rounding Guadeloupe we met a few sailboats, a ferry and, from a distance, a cruiseship. We motored most of the way as there was not enough wind - despite the long distance. We took the Western shore to get to our anchorage. It was amazing to see the smoke coming out of Mount Souffriere (now Souffriere Hills), to see New Plymouth, buried under the ashes of the eruptions from 1995 and 1998. The most recent eruption occurred this February - it was quite some sight. We were so grateful that Dietmar went this way rather than going around the island from the East. We had never seen in before. We even recognized the area where we had gone two years ago to see the devastation from the volcanic eruption.

We checked in and, after the formalities were over, went straight towards downtown Basseterre, wandering around in the streets, visiting some galleries, the slave fountain, prison and then went to Winston "Zack" Nesbitt's home - a tiny museum about Challenger, a Brit who had done a lot for the slaves and who was quite famous on the island. He showed us around like he did two years ago. It was quite some scene. Dietmar was impressed. We enjoyed seeing it all again, including the records he had from over 200 years ago - amazing is the right word.