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March 10 - March , 2010: From Les Saintes to St. Pierre, Martinique

March 10

We left Les Saintes early this morning at 7 a.m. Dietmar had already gone to get fresh baguettes, not only for breakfast but also for nibbles. We had breakfast underway. Unfortunately - story of our life - the wind was very weak, from the wrong direction. So, after having gotten around Les Saintes and into open water, we started motoring towards Portsmouth, Dominica (our favorite island - or one of them). Suddenly, we saw a spout in the distance, then another, and over about 15 minutes or more, we saw it again and again - we were all excited as it was a whale, albeit too far away to recognize anything but - on occasion - a dark shape above the surface.

By 11 a.m., we were happily moored (yes we dared to take a mooring after asking for Jerome of COBRA). We relaxed, took a swim, relaxed again. After lunch (fruit salad and yoghurt), Dietmar took his nap, we sat in the cockpit and enjoyed the view, then the men wanted to take the dinghy to check in. They were stalled because a small motor boat (open fishing boat with cabin), which we had seen hang on a mooring, 70% sunk, was in the process of being raised. It was a spectacle hard to describe. So I won't bore you... the photos will come at a later point in time. I have no good WIFI connection and will upload only what is already prepared and ready to go.

We are sitting at the "Blue Lagoon" restaurant that also belongs to COBRA, having drinks, and I am hopeful to get into the internet shortly. The password does not work for me. Now they are allowing me to connect via cable. Hopefully, it works. We had drinks, "acra", a special of the Caribbean, deep fried, made from vegetables and flour and some spices. These were particularly good, and so, because Dietmar and Juergen had to wait for me - while I was trying to use the internet ( the cable worked!!! ) ordered a second portion and three drinks each. The food was way too much, particularly since we were going back to Romany Life to have dinner. Still, it was fun.

We just discussed that we will leave Dominica tomorrow to go to Martinique, assuming that we will have half-way decent wind. If not, we will stay another day. - More the next time when I have a chance.

Dinner was great, but none of us was really hungry. Dietmar grilled marinated pork chops and I had made a large salad from a huge avocado, some iceberg lettuce, peppers and my usual dressing. We went to bed early. Juergen was totally pooped. Unfortunately, the Blue Lagoon had a "jump up" that night, and the music was incredibly loud and did not stop until the early morning hours.

March 11

This morning was quite funny. We were all ready though we thought we had decided to stay for the day. By 7:25 a.m. we already had breakfast and were ready to go. There was virtually no wind, but it seemed that Dietmar was eager to get to Martinique. He had never really been on the island, except a very brief visit to St. Pierre, and so we took off after all on an almost nine hour motoring trip - the wind again from any direction except that predicted in two weather forecasts, and the strength was nowhere near what had been "promised". Still, the weather was beautiful, we talked and had fun. Since we were close to Dominica for over 3 hours, I had a chance to take a few nice shots of the island and its dramatic mountains, lush in green, only tiny villages hidden in the valleys, right near the shore. The capital of Roseau is, however, quite ugly. I mentioned that last time we were here in 2008, so I won't bore you with any more details about it.

By 4:30 p.m., we were anchored quite near shore, somewhat protected from the swell and in decent dinghy-ride distance from the main dock for a nice walk around town. That is exactly what we did after having our usual drink and nibbles and before we had dinner, as we felt it was more fun walking around in daylight. The sidewalks are a little treacherous, so being able to see the uneven terrain and the holes that could break one's neck, is advisable.

Dietmar managed to get a cash machine working (so far, we had all been unlucky) and invited us for a beer before heading back to the boat. We ate dinner in the cockpit because it was just too warm down below, and the breeze was very comfortable. Dinner was Sauerkraut and hot dogs, not exactly very French, but that is what Dietmar wanted, and it was easy and quick to prepare. Tomorrow we will go food shopping for some "French fare". More on this tomorrow.