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On or around June 1, 2005, we are planning to depart from Milford on our Impromptu, an HR 46, for Montauk, New York - one more night of rest before we embark on our trip of a lifetime, sailing to Europe.

Commander's Weather will guide us as to an exact departure date, which, right now, is scheduled for June 2nd. Horta on the Azores will be our first landfall after approximately 2,000 nautical miles (1.8 km per nm or 1.1 statute miles per nm) and hopefully uneventful weather.

Via this website, we will keep you posted as to our progress, assuming that our Iridium satellite phone will work and weather, power supply, and my bout(s) with "mal de mer" remain in check. We are very much looking forward to seeing some of you in Germany upon our arrival, and others at later points in time.

We are prepared well - with a new life raft, AIS (automatic identification system), an Iridium satellite phone which transmits voice and data, single side band and other electronics, lots of fuel (almost 300 gallons of Diesel) to be used for our Yanmar engine, our generator and our ESPAR heating system, should the days or nights be cold. We have radar on board and a strong autopilot of which we hope it will relieve us from steering during the entire journey.

We have approximately 290 gallons of water, plus 20 gallons of bottled water plus another approximately 8 gallons of juices, 24 bottles of beer and - for our time in the Azores and England - 18 or so bottles of wine). We have lots of food on board already, mostly frozen vegetables and fruits, jams, jellies, butter, crackers, flour, sugar, maple syrup, baking supplies, cereal, Parmalat milk, crushed tomatoes, vegetable and chicken broth; the fresh food will be loaded on May 31st only. Dry goods like toilet paper, paper towel, shampoo, laundry detergent (we have a washing machine on board), toothpaste, suntan lotion, etc. we think are all on board for our total round trip, i.e., even for our return trip presently planned for next year (via the Canary Islands, the Caribbean etc.).

A number of parties are happening with friends and family who all want to see us before we leave, some on a one on one basis, others in groups. It is a great feeling to know that so many of you take part in our lives and in our trip in your minds and/or via this website. We hope that we can keep you updated as often as every two or three days, but circumstances may not permit us to do so. Please do not get nervous if you don't "hear" from us in a while. We may be too busy or too exhausted or may not have sufficient power to use the phone for the website updates. Latest in the Azores we will definitely update and let you know what we encountered.
So, we are saying farewell at this stage - until ...

Gitti and Juergen

Many of our friends and family called, sent e-mails, cards, or even arranged for get-togethers over dinner, drinks, as you can see on some of the selection below:

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Message from Karin and the kids
Bon Voyage Cake from the Family
Silvi and Luise wishing us well...
Kelsie at the Good-bye Party
Mutti (98 1/2 Years old) with Silvi
Nancy Bodick, President of Milford Boat Works, where we keep our boat, meanwhile friend, together with one of the guests (Richard Blum)
Farewell Cake