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From May 31 to June 9 - Around Chesapeake Bay

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Point No Point Lighthouse
Lots of military Installations
Deep Blue, the boat we talked to and which just returned from Portugal
more military buildings
Lighthouse near Bombing Targets
Lighthouse at Point Lookout
Osprey, osprey, osprey everywhere...
These Osprey were all over Solomon Island and vicinity but we found lots more also on the St. Mary River
St. Mary's College Campus - a very beautiful location and setting
St. Mary Chapel and Cemetary
Impromptu - do you recognize her?
Description of the College's energy efficient heat exchanger - 12 ft underground saving 40% energy summer and winter
Can you read the Time on this Sun Dial? We can...
Gorgeous Sunset after the Thunderstorm
Juergen up on the Mast to fix our Anchor Light


More Osprey on the Great Wicomico River - another Anchorage highly recommended by Dietmar - and rightfully so

Half moon in Horn Harbor, Great Wicomico River, at 0500
Rachel, Jim, this photo was taken just for you
Fish Nets not marked on the charts - a navigational challenge and threat
...and more Osprey in Solomon Island's waters
Visit to Oxford, no, not in England but in Maryland, a small town established in 1669, just a few miles away from Cambridge

This window at Cutts & Case Shipyard exhibited many historic maritime artifacts of this region, including the famous boat "Foto" initially owned by famous photographer to the Lipton sailing competition, Rosenfeld - just gorgeous

We walked over to the Robert Morris Inn, a historic inn built in 1710, right near the yacht club and the ferry dock. I asked for ice there, remember?

Then, the next morning, we followed the lady's invitation and went back to the inn for brunch.

    Juergen's breakfast - a special treat, eggs Benedict with crab meat
Miserable weather overran us as we sailed, motor sailed and motored from Oxford to St. Michaels, the lightning rods, however, remained at a safe distance View from our anchorage in St. Michaels

  St. Michaels is a very picturesque town with lots of old homes from the 17th century, most well maintained. Juergen was talking about moving here - maybe not yet... it is too laid back for my taste...
Images of the Maritime Museum where Skipjacks are being restored and other old style boats
Lunch at the Crab Claw - our first blue crab out of the shell. We normally order crab meat or crab cakes (no fuss then). It was fun, but, we don't need this fun too often... - All the crabs ordered in the restaurant are being boiled in one of these big pots.
Images of our museum tour This boat was built in the apprenticeship program I talked about - it is incredibly beautiful and very light  
Skipjack under restoration - incredible -
"Screw-in Lighthouse with its Screw. They were turned by hand or by horse, depending on the platform that was built for this purpose. According to the write-up, such "screwing in" took a very long time as it was screwed into the bottom matter.
Living Quarters in the Lighthouse
Fresnel Lense", it needed to be covered during the day so the sunlight would not burn the wooden structure of the lighthouse. Only after sunset would the lense be operating without danger to the structure. More views from the lighthouse.