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January 3 - January 7, 2008: From Martinique to St. Lucia

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Dockwise in Le Marin
from Martinique to St. Lucia
St. Lucia
Dockwise's ... in Le Marin
from Martinique's Le Marin to Rodney Bay
St. Lucia
Rodney Bay
St. Lucia at a distance
Pointe du Cap
Rodney Bay
St. Lucia - visible on the entire way from Le Marin
Pointe du Cap, St. Lucia
Change of Flags
menu at Bosun's Bar
local beer
Changing Flags
Menu at Bosun's Bar
Local Beer
Fruit Man
trials and tribulations
Portuguese Flag
We purchased Star and Passion Fruit from the Fruitman
A Variety of Nationalities present at the Rodney Bay Marina
Portuguese from Cascais where we had visited with Ulli and Family last July
We have seen more Swiss Sailors in Martinique and St. Lucia than any place else even in Europe
Jump up
proud - with rum drinks
The bar at the Friday Jump Up
local food...
proud - with two drinks
more dancing
melting pot
Locals dancing, enticing the tourists to do the same, and "befriending the tourists"...
local art
Juergen and friends
Local Art
trying to sell anything...
Juergen's new "friends"
local police
waiting for the cab
sewer system
Lots of police...
Waiting for the cab
Local sewer system
local scene
Locals at the Jump Up

Before and on our private Island Tour

Hello-World in Rodney Bay
boat polishing
Shipwreck in the Rodney Bay Lagoon
Hello-World arriving in the Lagoon
A Local polished our Boat
St. Lucia Vistas - island tour
Marigot Bay
Drinks above Marigot Bay
Vistas of St. Lucia - taken on our Island Tour
Marigot Bay
A Rum Drink above Marigot Bay
Trinkets for Sale
Houses on Stilts
Another type of construction
Trinkets for Sale
House Construction - on very high Stilts
... another Type of House Construction
Anse La Raye
View over Anse La Raye
... a Fishing Village
Juergen enjoying the View over Anse La Raye
Pitons - first Impression
another view
Pitons and Soufriere
First Sight of the Pitons, St. Lucia's Identification Mark
another View of the Pitons
The Pitons with Soufriere in the Foreground
Infinity Pool at Ladera, a famous resort
Lunch at Dasheen Restaurant at Ladera Resort
Food at Dasheen Restaurant
Infinity Pool at the Ladera Resort
Lunch at Dasheen Restaurant at Ladera
My Lunch at Dasheen
Buffet Chef at Dasheen
Desser - Passion Fruit Cream Pie
Toraille Waterfall
Chef at Dasheen - with Piton in Background
Dessert - Passion Fruit Cream Pie
Sign for the Toraille Waterfall
Toraille Waterfall
Flowers at Toraille Waterfall
Local Hummingbird at the Toraille Waterfall
Toraille Waterfall
Local Flower at the Toraille Waterfall
St. Lucian Hummingbird at the Toraille Waterfall
Sulphur Springs
more Steam after the Downpour
Our Group - Axel, Brit, our driver, Juergen, Gitti
Sulphur Springs
More Steam after the Downpour
Axel, Brit, our driver, Juergen, Gitti
Caribbean Sea / Atlantic Ocean
Moule a Chique
Savannes Bay
Vieux Fort from Cape Moule a Chique - Caribbean Sea to the left, Atlantic Ocean to the right
Moule a Chique, near Vieux Fort, St. Lucia's Southern-most Town
Savannes Bay with Scorpian Island, near St. Urbain on the Atlantic side
Church of St. Urbain
Steps to Nowhere
Micoud Bay
Church at St. Urbain
Steps to Nowhere in Micoud