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February 14 - March 2, 2008: From Dominica to Guadeloupe

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Les Saintes
Rock formation
Bourg of Les Saintes
Les Saintes and their amazing Rock Formations
Bourg, beautiful small Town
Church - from Impromptu
Town Church - inside
Plaza by the Ferry  Dock
Beautiful little Church in Bourg, from Impromptu, and its Inside
Plaza by the Ferry Dock
Historic Cannon and the local Doctor's House (looks like a ship's bow)
Town Hall
Waiting for the "gendarme" to clear us
Harbor Defense - military as well as medical - the Doctor's House to the right - looks like a Ship's Bow
"Mairie" (Town Hall)
"Downtown" Bourg
Resting in the Plaza, waiting for the Gendarme
Old and not too well maintained
Main Street, Bourg
Waiting for the Gendarme to return from Lunch
Not too well maintained...
Funeral procession
The "Creperie" which had aroused Juergen's desire for a nice "Crepe" like we had so many in the Bretagne - to find that it is not even a restaurant, just a bar...- well, we meanwhile found out that it is not called "La Crepe" as we thought but "Bar La Crique" - our mistake...
In the church, a Funeral Procession for a local Fisherman
The Priest..
Funeral 2
Hundreds of people had arrived by Ferry - to say their last Farewell
Our Fanbelt (of the generator)
Training Vessel?
same boat, up close
Our Generator Fan Belt..
More Square Riggers
..on the rat lines
Lunch at a very cute restaurant
Juergen having lunch
Restaurant de Marine - a great Seafood Restaurant, overlooking the anchorage
Wine label
Artisan Belts
"our Wine Label", a very nice Rose...
Rainbow - yet another one
Local Artisan Belts for Sale
Local Architecture
more architectural Designs
Sculpture of a Fisherman
A few beautiful wooden Houses, architectural Specialties of the Region

Our Trip (by Ferry, Bus, and Taxi) to Pointe a Pitre

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Creole Lunch at Pointe a Pitre Marina
Main Course
Marina du Bas du Fort
Creole Lunch at a Restaurant at the Port de Plaisance du Bas du Fort, Pointe a Pitre
Capitainerie Building
Lay of the Marina
Guadeloupe's Terre de Bas
Waiting for the Ferry at Trois Rivieres
Marina's Lay of the Land
Sunset at Trois Rivieres
Waiting for the Ferry at Trois Rivieres
Still Life
Full Moon 2-19
Still Life
Full Moon on Lippi's Birthday


Back to Anse du Bourg, Terre Haute, Les Saintes

Sea Cloud
Norwegian Sailboat
Windswept Trees
Sea Cloud, a 4-masted Barque
Norwegian Sailboat
Windswept Trees
Sea Cloud
Royal Clipper
Sunset with Clouds
Sea Cloud again
Royal Clipper, 5-masted Square Rigger

Island Tour on Terre de Haut, Les Saintes, Friday, February 22

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Flowers near Fort Napoleon
Views from Fort Napoleon
Images of Fort Napoleon
Flowers near Fort Napoleon, formerly called Fort Louis, never used
View from Fort Napoleon onto the Bays around Les Saintes
The Walls of Fort Napoleon
Juergen at the fort Entrance
Another Bay
Stadium and College
Juergen at the Fort Entrance
Anse de Bourg, the Bay where we were anchored - Can you find Impromptu?
Stadium and College on Terre de Haut Island
Iguana at the Fort
The other Side of the Fort
Iguana Mom and Baby
Iguana at the Fort
The other side of the Fort
Iguana Mom and Baby (green)
Gorgeous Wooden Structures found plentiful on the island
Calabashi Tree - not for Eating but for great Containers
Another beautiful Wooden House
Local Architecture - all Wooden Homes
Calabashi (?) Tree, not for Eating but to make beautiful Containers (Vases, Bowls, Candle Sticks, etc.)
Another gorgeous Wooden House
Sea Cloud II
Sea Cloud II - departing under sail
Cemetery - gleaming white
Sea Cloud II at Anchor and, later on, departing under Sail... the only one of the large Square Riggers to do so


Sunday, February 24 - we arrived in Pointe a Pitre at the Marina, greeted by Christian and a co-worker who helped us tie up Impromptu at the very end of Dock 6, the Visitors' Dock. Images of the two main islands of Guadeloupe will follow - as well as of Peter's visit - to occur this week...

On Monday, our French "friends", Charly and Joelle arrived at the marina, with her sister and husband in tow. As promised when we had met during our brief outing to Pointe a Pitre the week before to pick up my FedEx package, they brought a beautiful bottle of Champagne Perrier Jouet, rose - delicious! We had a good time talking for about two hours. Then they left again. Here is just one picture I took as they had already disembarked Impromptu. We may receive some of theirs by email - so far, I have not because we just have not had good internet access at all...

Our French Friends
Charly, Joelle, her sister, Juergen, and Jean-Yves, husband to Joelle's sister
room for a few pictures from them, if we receive them


Beach near St. Anne
in the other direction
Juergen near Pointe des Chateaux
Beach near St. Anne - in both Directions
Juergen near Pointe des Chateaux
Near Pointe des Chateaux
Les Chateaux
Lava - Atlantic Side
Pointe des Chateaux
Les Chateaux...
Lava Flow on the Atlantic Side
Le Moule
Church in Le Moule
Le Moule, Town Square and Church
Morne a l"Eau
Cranes at the Container Port in PaP
St. Rose
Tasting Fresh Coconut Milk
View from our Dock onto the Container Port
Cemetary in Baie Mahault
Fresh Coconut Milk sipped at a Market in Sainte Rose (we think; it might have been Baie Mahault)
Marie Ste Rose
Chapel next to Cemetery in Ste Rose
Graves all bordered by Conch Shells
"Mairie" (Town Hall), Ste rose
Chapel next to Cemetary in Ste Rose

Graves bordered by Conch Shells in Ste Rose

Antigua in the Distance
Pelicans watching for Fish
Tim going to photograph the Pelicans
Antigua in the Distance
Pelicans waiting for Fish
Tim on his way to the Pelicans
Fishermen and their Nets
Steer - tied to a Stake
"Huckepack" - "Backpack"
Fishermen and their Nets
Steer tied to a Stake
"Huckepack" ("Backpacking"??)
On our Way to Des Haies, Capital of Guadeloupe
Church in Des Haies
Bay at Des Haies
Beautiful Bay on our Way to "Des Haies", Capital of Guadeloupe
Church in Des Haies
Bay of Des Haies
Waiting for the Rain to stop
Pig Visit
Happy Face
Waiting for the Rain to Stop
Pig Visit
Happy Faces
Casting off ...
Huge Caterpillar
Steffi and Tim have cast off for the Riviere Salee Bride opening (the next morning at 0500) - and with this Good-bye, a very nice Time with these newly gained Friends has come to its End...
Peter at Pointe des Chateaux
Peter and Juergen at the Beach at Pointe des Chateaux
Visit to the Rum Distillery (Damoiseau) near Le Moule, Basse Terre
Peter at Pointe des Chateaux
Peter and Juergen
Visit to a running Rum Distillery (Damoiseau) near Le Moule
Old Distillery Equipment
Peter Watching
Old and New Machinery working to "squeeze" the Sugar Cane Pulp to gain the famous Rum
Part of the Process of Distilling Rum
Schematic of the Distilling Process
Squeezing the Pulp
Fascinating to watch all these Machines in Operation, a first in our Distillery Visits!
Wind Mill from Years ago
Distillery Property
Peter Tasting the Rum
Wind Mill used in Former Times
Property of the Distillery - very beautiful
Peter tasting the Rum
Drink at the Beach
Local Beer "Gwada"
View from the Bar...
After a Swim, a nice "Ti Punch"
Local Beer, "Gwada"
View from the Bar
Drive towards Terre Basse's Rain Forest
Peter in the Rain Forest
In the Rain Forest on Basse Terre
Island in front of St. Francis
Another Walk at the Beach in St. Anne
Downtown Pointe a Pitre
Island in front of St. Francis - Terre Basse in the Background (right)
Peter and Juergen: another Walk on the Beach of St. Anne
Impressions of Downtown Pointe a Pitre - we loved the Town
Sculpture of a Drummer - w Peter
Three Drummers
Wall Painting - w Locals
Peter with Sculpture
Three Drummers
Wall Painting w Locals
Spice Girl
Vegetable Stand
Fish, Fish, Fish
After purchasing Saffron, I was permitted to photograph the Sales Lady
Vegetable Stand
Fish, Fish, Fish
More Fish
and Fish again
More Fish
and yet more Fish

Huge Chunks of Tuna

Fisherman cutting Fish
More Wares
Fisherman cutting Tuna
Beautifully displayed Produce
More Wares
Peter, Juergen looking for me
Market Hall
Beautiful Dress - from behind,
Juergen, Peter looking for me
Market Stands
Beautiful Dress - from behind - the Lady did not want to be photographed...
same Group of Musicians
Musicians in the Pedestrian Mall
Another Vegetable Stand
Local Construction
Musicians in the Pedestrian Mall
Typical Architecture
Fountain at another Market Hall
Different Rum Flavors
Local Architecture
Fountain near another Market
Different Rum Flavors
Local Art
Inside this Market Hall
Another Market Hall with Spices, Herbs, Rums, and some Art
Vanilla Lady
Architectural Sampling
The Vanilla Bean Lady, proud of her Display of Herbs and Spices
Architectural Samplings
Carrefour - the Best of them All
Peter, Leaving us at the Airport
Our Favorite Carrefour - the BEST of them All
Peter at the Airport to go to Antigua for his return Flight tomorrow