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February 7 - February 14, 2008: Dominica

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first impressions
Dominican weather
beauty of the island
Dominica - first Impressions
Prince Rupert Bay
Prince Rupert Bay
Prince Rupert Bay - from a Distance
Anchorage at Prince Rupert Bay
Weather Changes

The Five Second Rain Storm - the Clouds look so threatening. When the Rain comes, it takes five Seconds - sometimes less - and it is all over...


Our Island Tour - Part I, the North to Mid-Island

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One of many plants
Lots of Plants, Fruits, a few Vegetables
Coffee - very delicious
Many plants
More Plants and Flowers, Fruit (here, Bananas)
Beautiful Vistas everywhere
Juergen ready for lunch
Hurricane Damage
Juergen in front of "Randy's Restaurant & Bar"
The Bar at Randy's
Gift from Greg
the Bar at "Randy's"
Gift from Greg - a Grasshopper
Greg, our Driver
more vistas
Greg, our Driver and the Artist
More Island Beauty
more Orchids
...more gorgeous Flowers...
Local Produce
Local Produce offered by Local Women
Spanny Waterfall
Fishing Boats in Layou
Spanny Waterfall
Fishing Boats in Layou
Fishing Boat under Construction
Layou after the Hurricane of ?
Layou's "Slums"
Fishing Boat under Construction, and Layou's Slums...
Juergen and Greg
Juergen and Greg

Indian River Trip on a Row Boat - no Engines Permitted!

It was a special experience being rowed up river for about three quarters of a mile, surrounded by wilderness. We saw a crab hiding in the root system of a huge tree and were lucky to spot an iguana on a Palm Tree. If it had not been for our guide, Roy, we would never have seen him, but this way, you get to enjoy him, too. The iguana here are smaller than the ones we saw in St. Croix, and they live in trees, while the ones in St. Croix live the swampy area right near the harbor.

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A windy day
on our way to the Indian River
Shipwreck - from the Hurricane of 1979
A windy Day that picked up our Dinghy and almost threw it overboard - thank God for a Bow Line...
On our Way to the Indian River on Cobra Tour's Boat (Jerome's) - view onto part of the Harbor Scene of Portsmouth
Shipwreck left to rot - Damage from Hurricane Dean in 1979
Indian River Tour
Indian River - a 3/4 mile trip with Lots of gorgeous and wild Nature
Flowers galore
Iguana on the Tree
More beautiful Flowering Plants
Iguana on the Palm Tree
Can you Detect the Crab???
Roy our Guide
Roots and more Roots
Bush Bar
Roy, our Indian River Guide
Roots and more Roots
"Bush Bar", designed by Cobra of 'Cobra Tours', built by "his Men"
At the Bar...
More Bush Bar Pictures


Today, February 10, we took the Tour around the Southern Part of the Island, including its Capital, Roseau.

While it has the Rain Forest and a few impressive Water Falls, we generally preferred the Northern Part of the Island.

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On our "Southern" Tour of the Island, we again saw beautiful Shore Line, quaint Villages, etc.
Church in Roseau
Trafalger Waterfalls
Trafalger Waterfalls
Church in Roseau
"Male" Waterfall at Trafalgar
"Female" Waterfall at Trafalgar
Bather in Hot Spring
Sulphur Springs
School Bus crushed by Tree - Result of Hurricane Dean (1979)
Bather enjoying the Hot Springs near the Trafalgar Waterfalls
Sulphur Spring
Crushed Schoolbus - result of Hurricane Dean (1979)
Roseau from above
Roseau again
Another Flower
Roseau, Capital of Dominica
National Plant (Name?)
Quarry - great source of island income
Barge for Transport of  Gravel to Guadeloupe and Martinique
Lunch at Chez Wen
Quarry, Export Item - Source of Island Revenue
Barge for Transport of Gravel to Guadeloupe and Martinique
Lunch at Chez Wen in Scotts Head
Scotts Head near Soufriere
Beach South of Roseau
Bus Stop
Scotts Head near Soufriere Bay
Another Beach South of Roseau
Bus Stop
Local Housing - not so nice
Housing in Roseau
Private Housing - not so nice
Kubuli Beer Brewery
Kubuli Beer Brewery - near Roseau


Our last day in Dominica - and our last few Pictures of our beloved Island!

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Big Papa's Restaurant, Bar, and Internet Cafe
Eddison, the Mooring Fee Collector
Big Papa's Restaurant, Bar, TO Station and Internet Cafe
Eddison collecting our Mooring Fees for the last two Nights
Jerome Leboubou
A big Hug...
Our Good-Bye...

Here are a few pictures of Jerome Leboubou, son of the former Ambassador to the Kongo in Germany, Cuba and, we believe, the Dominican Republic,

now Office Manager of Cobra Tours, and new Friend of ours