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May 3 - June 1, 2008: Tortola to Bermuda

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first sight of Bermuda
Steffi's favorite house
First Glimpse of Bermuda
Steffi's favorite House
Finally found
Canon and historic Ship
Typical Bermuda
Finally found
Cannon and Historic Ship
Typical Bermuda
White Roofs for Water Catching
Church Ruin
more of the ruins
White Roofs for the Cysterne
Church Ruin from early 20th Century
more ruins
View from Church
a little chat
enjoying Lunch
Church with a View
a little Chat
Enjoying Lunch
Bermuda from above
Corals visible from the Air
Arrival at Newark Airport
Bermuda from above
Coral deep under the Sea
Arrival at Newark Airport

After returning to Bermuda, we still needed a few things for repair and we waited and waited and waited, but we also met a wonderful young family, the Coileys, with three sons (11, 14, and 16). We had an enjoyable time with them, shared some cocktail hours, an evening of barbeque, a movie. Now it is time to say good-bye...

through the TownCut
they made it
Juergen at dinner
Through Town Cut

They made it

Juergen at Dinner
White Roofs of Bermuda
View from Bermuda Harbor Radio
The White Roofs of Bermuda
A great Address
View from Bermuda Harbor Radio
Fort George
Large Canon
View over the Island
Ft. George, Home to Bermuda Harbor Radio
Town Entrance
Sculpture near Cruiseship Terminal
Jed - proud Sailor
Town Signage
Proud Sailor, Jed
Flying a Kite
...flying a Kite
Jed, flying the Kite
Jack playing the Guitar
Bernie, the Dockmaster (76 years old)
Graham, dad of Jed, Jack and George
Jack, playing the Guitar at our Barbeque
Bernie, the Dockmaster (76 years old) ensuring all is well
Graham, dad to Jed, Jack and George
checking out the iPhone
iPhone checking by the entire Family
George, concerned
Family Fun with the iPhone
George Singing at the Barbeque