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March 3 - March 24, 2008: Antigua

The first few images shown are of San Juan, the old town, Puerto Rico. We had a long layover from Antigua to New York and decided to take a taxi into town, do a little sightseeing, have lunch... before getting on the next flight. We decided to keep all our Antigua images together, so while we had been in Antigua for a few days before our flight to New York, we will show those images only once we have completed (or are close to completing) our visit to Antigua.

Click on photos to enlarge!

Il Convento
at the Convent Hotel
"liberty bell
Il Convento
At the Convent Hotel - waiting for lunch
"Liberty Bell" at the Convent Hotel
Typical Old San Juan Street
Part of the Fortress around Old San Juan
Typicla Old San Juan Street
Walking around
Parts of the Fortress protecting Old San Juan
Harbor View
Another Street in Old San Juan
Our "Castle Walk"
Harbor View
Another Pretty Street
Starting our "Castle Walk"
more Castle
Moro Castle with the huge Cemetary
Part of the Castle surrounding Old San Juan
Moro Castle with its huge Cemetary
..and its huge Lawn
Exhausted from the long Walk
Lots of pretty Sculptures around Town
Moro Castle... with its huge Lawn
Exhausted from the Walk
Lots of pretty Sculptures around Old San Juan
and at the Convent Hotel
...and at the Convent Hotel from where we took the Taxi back to the Airport

Antigua - our first few days before our trip to New York

Don't forget to click on the images to enlarge!

Map of Antigue
Antigua Flag
Antigua - ahead of us
Antigua - Map, Flag, View onto the Island as we approach it from Guadeloupe
rooster-thursty for airconditioning water
at Nelson's Dockyard
Sail loft

At Nelson's Dockyard, including Sail Loft

Nelson's Dockyard
Clearing in at Custom's
more Images of Nelson's Dockyard
including the Custom's Office from where Juergen came after checking in
all the fancy Boats / Yachts
our gangplank...
just a small yacht in the marina
Fort Berkeley, English Harbor (from Impromptu)
Our own design contraption of a gangplank - it did not scrape our teak, and it was secure enough to step on even at low tide, with luggage in our hands - not pretty but certainly functional
Just one beautiful Bow of a "small" Sailing Yacht... - amongst ships like this one, we felt like paupers.

Fort Berkeley, from Impromptu, English Harbor

Shirley Heights, English Harbor
Fort Berkeley Sign
Tree "Sliver" near Fort Berkeley
Near Sunset - English Harbor - from Impromptu
Impromptu in English Harbor
Shirley Heights again
Juergen at Fort Berkeley
Impromptu at Anchor, English Harbor
Shirley Heights, again
Juergen at Fort Berkeley
Fort Berkeley
Juergen at Fort Berkeley
The Southern Coast of  Antigua
Fort Berkeley
Reading up on the Fort's History
View towards Montserrat - can you see it in the Haze?
Goat complaining to me
Goat Jaw???
Goats, resting... and complaining to me
Goat Jaw???
Algarve in Bloom, just before its Death
Old Cemetary
Old Cisterne
On our Way to Shirley Heights, Algarve in Bloom, before its Instant Death, Old Cemetary, Old Cisterne
View onto Montserrat
English and Falmouth Harbos
View from Shirley Heights towards Montserrat, another Southern Bay, and Famouth and English Harbors at Sunset
Cactus in Bloom
Wadadli, the local Beer
Wolfgang, holding both, a Beer and a "Glass" of Rum Punch
Cactus in Bloom
Wadadli, the local Beer
Wolfgang holding both, a Wadadli and a Rum Punch - Montserrat in the Background
Wolfgang and Juergen
Self Portrait
Wolfgang and Juergen
Another gorgeous View from Shirley Heights
"Self Portrait"...
Officers' Quarters, Shirley Heights

The images that follow were taken in St. John. We did not care for this town too much. Maybe, we did not see the right parts of town, but we had been told that this is where we should go.

We saw lots of shops but also a few market halls, one for produce, one for fish, one for meat. The latter two were not very conducive to buying - at least not for us... So we decided to stick to fruit and vegetables. We purchased some frozen Cornish Hens a day or so later in a small supermarket right near Nelson's Dockyard.

Officers' Quarters, Shirley Heights
National Hero in St. John
The People's Motto
St. John Harbor
National Antiguan Hero
Antiguans' Motto
Harbor, St. John
Downtown St. John
more of St. John
Lunch at "Garcon"
Downtown St. John
Lunch at "Garcon", right across from our Anchorage - Delicious!
Fish Carpaccio
View from Garcon
Fish Carpaccio - delicious!
View from towards the Harbor Entrance from "Garcon"