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April - May, 2007: From Grand Bahama (Old Bahama Bay) to Southport, NC

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Hamburg Container Ship, being turned around by two Moran Tugs

Container Ship turned around

Check out the Aircraft Carrier in the Background


Some pictures of our anniversary in Charleston, where we had lunch at famous Hyman's Seafood Restaurant with super fresh and most delicious oysters, crabcake and Juergen a "Napoleon of fried green tomatoes, shrimp and crab cake" - delicious. The very decent bottle of wine was so cheap that we ordered a bottle though we had no intention of drinking it all.

Napoleon of Fried Green Tomatoes, Shrimp and Crab Cake
At Hyman's Seafood Restaurant
Chocolate Board at the Charleston Grill - for us
Beaufort Harbor and Beaufort Landscapes
Examples of some of the 18th Century Homes, still /again occupied by descendants of the original builders
The oldest Methodist Church in Beaufort, also from the mid 18th Century
Oldest African-American built Church in Beaufort, SC
National Cemetary - the small stones are of unidentified soldiers
One of the Mermaids around Beaufort

It is May 9. We are "stuck" in Charleston, due to an enormous storm that has been developing in front of this coast and is moving West very slowly - very unusual. West-moving systems are usually connected to hurricanes. While this is not a hurricane, it has some of its ingredients - and certainly a lot of wind, lots of rain (since last night). We just learned that is has been categorized as "Tropical Storm Andrea", i.e., the first tropical storm of the season - how encouraging...

According to Juergen, four boats have been lost near Cape Hatteras - that, after we just sort of assessed our options moving North from here, directly to Ocean City, i.e., past Cape Fear, Cape Hatteras, in one swoop. It would take us about 3 days and 2 nights - at least, maybe a little more. That all depends on the weather, the wind and the Gulf Stream. We have been taking a few pictures while sightseeing - some are still from Savannah, some are from Charleston and surroundings.

Remember to click on the photos to enlarge

Images of Savannah
Sullivan's Island - "Wild Dunes"
Mail Boxes on Sullivan's Island
Aircraft Carrier with the Route 17 Bridge
Same Bridge
Downtown Charleston
Flowers and Parsley
Restaurant - best Spicy Cilantro Corn Fritters
"our" Marina with "9 of Cups"

May 14 - we are in Georgetown, SC. Below are pictures of Marcie and David on Nine of Cups and a few pictures I took yesterday late afternoon when we wandered around the "historic district" of Georgetown - big words for what it is. We had great fun at a bar where a three-man-band played 60s and 70s music. See Juergen's smile...

Marcie, David, and the wonderful Shrimp we ate on "Nine of Cups"
Georgetown "Historic District", Harbor and Harbor Walk
Sixties and Seventies Music at Buzz's Roost