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April 1 - April 27, 2007: Treasure Cay back to Old Bahama Bay Marina on Grand Bahama Island - as it is a great place to "jump off of" for the US Mainland - yet when - the Plan is to leave tomorrow, April 28, for Charleston, South Carolina.

The pictures we took of Byron and family and the fun we are having with them you can find under Friends and Family "Visit with the Mogers". Below are photos that relate to the Bahamas themselves. In particular, we went to visit Hope Town on Elbow Cay today (April 3), Byron and family motored over - with us - to stay over night - we returned by ferry to our boat which, meanwhile, had been docked at Boat Harbor, the Southeastern harbor of Marsh Harbor. The town is famous for its location, its picturesque houses, its lighthouse, still operated by a lighthouse keeper who has to "rewind" the kerosene light every ninety minutes during the night so the light can shine for up to 20 nm. Judge for yourself...

Today, April 11, is our second day on Man of War Cay again. We had lots of rain and an incredible thunderstorm lasting from about 1800 yesterday to around 0600 this morning. While it is sunny with partly cloudy skies, more rain is predicted for today, and it is still blowing quite hard, even in this very protected harbor. The pictures below are from yesterday way before the thunderstorm but with some of the rain...

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Weather on Man of War Cay, April 10
...and more weather pictures, see how the rain is pounding the water?

More pictures from Man of War Cay - this time mostly relating to sunsets on April 11 and 12.

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My favorite subject - clouds, sky and sunsets...
no photo here
... above taken April 11
...taken April 12
Reflection of the French Boat, moored near us
Juergen lazying around before Dinner

We left Man of War Cay on Friday, April 13, for Great Guana Cay where we had made a reservation at Orchid Bay Marina. Nippers, Grabbers and the Blue Water Grill were all highly recommended, and we were ready for some "culture" or "civilization". We rented a golf cart - great fun to drive - and "inspected the entire island" to the extent one could. Here are some of the photos we took.

Banana Plant with Flower
Driving the Golf Cart
Palm Leaf
at Nippers, the famous Bar on the Ocean Side with the Reef close by
...more Reef views from Nippers
Images of Great Guana Cay from our Golf Cart Tour
DIVA -not Michael and Larry's, but a Canadian one with no relation to Opera

We are back at Treasure Cay where the marina was not full despite the fishing tournament. We spent time at the beach and visited with Kathy and Fred from "Makai". They had dinner with us on the boat - with some temporary excitement - thank God with a positive outcome. Read about it in our Logbook.

and don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge!!!

Sunset before the Storm - at Great Guana Cay
Beach Shack on Treasure Cay Beach
Evening Clouds with lots of Wind
"Magnificent Frigate Birds" soaring in the Sky
Kathy and Fred from "Makai" on their dinghy that almost was lost
Fred took these pictures when they came to say good-bye at Treasure Cay Marina (we benefited from their need to remember who we were by having two pictures with both of us AND Impromptu)  
Center of the World Rock - a rock inmidst of the dedicated route of "deeper water". You should see how the route is drawn on the official charts, e.g., like a line to the rock, a dotted line around the rock, then the route line continues with the same previous course setting - we thought that was very funny
Another sunset at Manjack