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Family & Friends: Trip to Germany 2009

Because of our sailing adventure to Europe, we had not visited Germany by plane since 2006. So, this year was clearly the year to do this, after our family reunion in Maine last year. Berit and Marcel's wedding plans in September helped. I had been in Germany briefly in July to attend Philipp's graduation from high school - he had a perfect score of 1.0 and was the best in his school. Tomorrow (September 29), he will be received by the "Ministerpraesident of Northrhine-Westphalia", together with others who also had a 1.0 (but not necessarily the perfect score). Below, you will see a few images of that visit.

Main focus of this writing is, however, our joint trip to Germany, starting with our arrival in Frankfurt and a brief visit to Lo before heading North etc., etc. We visited with lots of family and friends, too numerous to mention. Enjoy the pictures. You will recognize the people and they will also be identified just in case you don't.

Have fun!!!

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Philipp's High School Graduation (July 3) and our September Trip to Germany
(ex Berit and Marcel's Wedding - see separate Page)




Lunch at the "Nordsee"

Soccer at Home

Lippis Graduation




Ulli, Juli




1.0! With a Perfect Score, the only Student in the entire School

class picture

Graduation Class

entire class

Entire Class in front of the "Stadthalle"


Performing "Abi", one of the two raps Philipp wrote

the performance goes on. including "Cobbler..

stick to your Dreams...


The Artist

The Artist






September Trip to Germany

A few hours in Bad Homburg at Lo's

Babs and her new "Beau"

Schuettdamm - breakfast at Waltraud and Guenter's

Overlooking the Property

Johanna leaving "School"

Oldenburg Market
Visit to Oldenburg

On our way to Rendsburg

Elbe Crossing by Ferry - Buoy to Glueckstadt

Kiel Canal - above the tunnel road

Entrance to the tunnel under the Kiel Canal

Rendsburg Art

Rendsburg Art

Steffi and Friederike

Steffi and Friederike, born 7/8/09


Waiting for the Elbe Ferry to Wischhafen

Svenja's Dog

Svenja's Dog

Spanish Dog

Souvenir from Spain

"Svenja"s Pub

In front of the Pub... - and Sunset...


Michi and Juergen - at a joint dinner at the "Brueckenwirt"


Michi and Uschi - a little "alcohol happy"

Sanne playing ...


Isensee surroundings - very picturesque




Advertising for the Roasting of a Piglet Party at the Brueckenwirt


Visit with the Hauptmanns in Wuppertal

Lippi's Car

Lippi's Car

Doing Homework... - or playing Computer Games???

Juli's new Room

In the Sculpture Garden...

... with lots of Fun


"Tante Margret", an old friend of my Mother's


Visit with various Friends in Cologne

- few images were taken in Cologne - at least of oru friends since we mostly met in the evenings for dinner. So, we limited ourselves mostly to scenics in Cologne...

Famous Cologne Cathedral...

Astrid and Annaelle, born 7/3/09

Life is tough...




Visiting Eisenach and Surroundings

We spent almost an entire day with Baerbel and Peter, Juergen's cousin from Berlin while Luise, Sid, Silvi, Brad, and Guenter and Waltraud went to visit with Heinz and Ursula in Elsterbach.

Trip to Creuzfurt and Treffurt with Peter and Baerbel from Berlin



Creuzburg Steeple


Bridge over the River Warte


At the Torture Post in Creuzfurt

Creuzfurt Castle

Treffurt, including the Town Hall...

...and our visit to the Castle - including Lunch


The hilight of our Eisenach visit was the wedding of Berit and Marcel. We dedicated a separate page to the wedding as the images were too numerous to include here.

After the wedding, we went to visit with Heinz, Ursula and their daughter Kristin, husband Micha and their two kids Hendrik (22) and sister Nikola (we cannot remember her age but think that she is 14 or 15 - forgive us if this is wrong, Nikola. We will correct it once we know for sure).

After a delicious lunch, coffee and cake and a stroll through the forest we sad good-bye to drive to Dresden and, from there, the next day to Berlin (with a detour to the "Elbsandsteingebirge")


Greiz, where Kristin and family live, is a cute little town, but some houses still show their historic state pre-unification

Ursula and Hendrik on our walk through the woods to a beautiful spot for sightseeing...


Juergen, Micha, Heinz, Hendrik, Ursula

In pouring rain we drove to Dresden. Thank God there was not a lot of traffic, and we made it in time for a stroll through town and a light dinner, after checkin. The Taschenbergpalais is our absolute favorite in terms of hotels, and it has become our tradition to stay there when visiting Dresden.

Dresden images, including the "Frauenkirche" and the Plaza in front thereof

We had too little time to truly enjoy Dresden, but we walked around a little bit the first evening and the next morning, before heading to the "Elbsandsteingebirge" also called the "Saechsische Schweiz" (The Saxon Switzerland) - a rocky area cut into terrific formations by the River Elbe (which flows through Hamburg and then into the North Sea). I wished the weather had been better for more impressive images, but we did not have the luxury of waiting for proper lighting - this is what one gets for being in a rush... our flight was scheduled to depart from Berlin on November 16. This was November 14 already...





The river Elbe flowing through the valley deep below the rocks it (or the ice age) must have carved out of the sand stone millions or years ago

We would have loved to walk around more and explore more, but before we knew it, we had to depart for Berlin which we reached around 7 p.m. - and this was one of our first sights...


Brandenburg Gate



Famous "Gedaechtniskirche" (Churck to Remember) which serves as a constant reminder of the War (WWII)


Part of the Berlin Wall - litterally falling apart...

The famous Chocolatier - with a model of the Titanic in the Window (of course made from Chocolate...



Berlin Cathedral

Rotes Rathaus (Red Town Hall)


Taxi in Berlin

Memorial to the Jews killed in Berlin..


New Railroad Station

Office of the Chancelor

"Pregnant Oyster"

Presidential Residence