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Family & Friends: Our first Trip to Mexico - Cabo San Lucas - our Time Share Unit

2009 was the first year in which we made it to our time share unit purchased in Cabo San Lucas last year. We had a wonderful time with perfect weather. Luise and Sid and Silvi and Brad came with us - Peter joined for a few days, too. The two couples, together with Peter, each had their own albeit smaller unit. We stayed in ours and used it as the main meeting place for breakfast, just chatting, cocktail hour and dinners.

We spent days in Cabo San Lucas itself, having lunch at various restaurants, hiring a water taxi captain to take us to the famous "Arco", the arch that is so famous for Cabo, located near where the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez meet.

Silvi and Brad rented a minivan for one day, and so we all took a trip up North to "Los Todos", a small artsy town full of galleries, shops, a museum, restaurants, a pretty church and the famous Hotel California. Towards the end of the day, Brad drove South to San Jose del Cabo. This town is larger, with a lot of history - compared to Cabo San Lucas which has virtually none. It was created as a result of some Americans who loved deep sea fishing, in the 1940s. And, as more and more people got to know about the incredibly successful and fun deep sea fishing there, hotels were built and a resort town with all its pros and cons developed. Today it is a thriving town which is not only frequented by hotel or time share enthusiasts but lots of cruise ships and their passengers.

Check out the photos and see for yourself.

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First Sunset

View from our Terrace


Lunch accompanied by marriachi music...

"our Beach"


On the Water Taxi to the "Arco"

"Land's End" rock where the Pacific and the Sea of Cortex meet

Lunch at "Pacifica", the hotel where we had stayed last year before buying our time share

Silvi's Dream Bed - but Brad walked away...

One of many gorgeous Sunsets...

View from our Terrace, North and West...

Skyping with Guenter and Waltraud


One day, we went to visit Pueblo Bonito Rose - we were disappointed...
Silvi found this beautiful restaurant "Mi Casa". We had a nice lunch and a Marguerita - then Juergen wanted to kiss the lady (above) and fell with her backwards into the street. You should have seen his foot in the evening - black and blue and huuuuge.. So the next day, we took a trip to Todos Santos and later to San Jose del Cabo...


After Silvi and Brad, Luise and Sid left, we took a cab into town, found this tackle shop - amazing, and then had lunch one more time - at Alexander's where else... and then Juergen finally found the hat he had been looking for since last year's visit...