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Family & Friends: Berit and Marcel (Kloeppner)'s Wedding in Eisenach

While I will not display too many images here (Berit and Marcel have all our photos via DVD I thought it would be more appropriate to show these images separate from our Germany Trip 2009 images.

It was a very lavish and nice wedding - celebrated at the Wartburg, famous for its historic significance (Martin Luther translated the bible there, and there were singing competitions held in the 11th century, not to find out who the best singer was but to determine the outcome of wars. There are a number of interesting stories connected therewith - check it out on the internet - it is great fun to learn about this castle's history.

In addition to a sparkling wine and coffee and cake reception, we enjoyed a private tour of the castle (what a difference compared to the way it looked about 20 years ago when Juergen and I went there for the first time) and later on enjoyed a fantastic meal (after speeches and toasts by both Ruediger and Herrmann - fathers of bride and groom) in a most gorgeous setting. See for yourself... and, if you feel like it, let me know what you think...

Click on photos to enlarge!

Berit and Marce's Wedding in Eisenach September 12, 2009


Church where the wedding was held - and the baptism of the two kids, Edda (3) and Arne (1 1/2 years old)

Berit-the bride

Berit, the bride, arriving in their historic Wartburg, a car from the communist era


Arne on Grandpa's lap

Arne on Grandpa Ruediger's lap "This all does not feel comfortable - so many people, so much fuss..."


The young couple

The young Couple

Wedding Kiss

Brigitte with her Daughter and Husband

Proof of great teamwork


Edda - also looking a little skeptical

Uschi (Berit's mom) and Baerbel (Juergen's cousin from Berlin

Arne knows how to toast and does not want to stop

Waltraud, Guenter and Silvi

Silvi, Waltraud, Sid, Brad, Luise, Baerbel, and Juergen

Juergen - Wartburg


Ruediger, giving his speech

Berit - attentively listening to her dad's words

Hermann - a speech full of humor and wit

Table settings etc. were all very elegant and the room itself magnificent