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Family & Friends: Mexico 2008

We had received an incredible offer in the mail: visit the 9th best resort hotel in Mexico, based on Conde Nast's reports, pay for one night and stay seven. Of course, we were rather suspicious and checked out the hotel on the internet. It looked very nice. Then we called to make a reservation, expecting to hear that just during the week we wanted, they had not rooms available. Well, no, we did not hear that. On the contrary, we were promised a room with a view of the ocean (not the garbage dump or the airconditioning units as we had feared), and yes, we could have a king size bed (the latter turned out not to be the case if we insisted on the ocean view rather than the pool and restaurant view, but that is not such a terrible thing). So, we made our flight arrangements - on miles, paid the taxes, gave our credit card number for the one night at the hotel, informed them of our arrival at the airport so that they could arrange for our transport from the airport to the hotel. All we had to do thereafter was wait for November 6 to come. Chucky, our trusted driver, picked us up at 03:30 a.m., yes, that early. Our flight was at 05:30 a.m. For that matter, we would have about 3 hours layover in Houston before continuing to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico.

For those who don't know their geography that well, Baja California is that 1000 mile stretch South of San Diego, California. It separates the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Cortez. It is very famous for its deep sea fishing but also as a wonderful resort area with lots of hotels and lots of partying for those who want it. In addition, it is a sailor's paradise, we were told and had read many times, at least for those sailing South from California.

Enough words uttered. Here are the pictures to show you what we saw and experienced. We did not rent a car but took a taxi into town twice, spent some time at a sister hotel to "ours" (Pacifica), and, in the end, purchased a two week timeshare at the sister resort right up the hill.

arrival at airport
view from our room
view too
Arrival at airport Los Cabos
View from our room
first meal
Breakfast at "Siempre" Restaurant
First meal
Refreshing Drink
pool at sunset
Waiting for lunch
Poolside at sunset
pool by Siempre
bar sunset
Second pool at Pacifica
Sunset over the pool area
Juergen in main pool
bed at beach
Juergen on his way to the beach
Romantic bed on beach
Pacific Surf
view from above
"Our Place", first from above, then at entrance, then our living room.
Bedroom, terrace with view to NW,West, and SW
View onto Hot Tub (being cleaned)
Captain of our water taxi
Sightseeing by water taxi
lovers beach
By water taxi, we went to the "Arco", the famous rock separating the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. We passed by the Lovers' Beach, the Pelican Rock, and saw the "Arco" from afar
feeding frenzy
The Arco, as it is well-known in the world.
Our captain threw bread into the water to give us a glimpse of the "underworld" near Arco
Mariachi serenading us while we were waiting for
our delicious Tequila Shrimp
Weather over the Pacific
Turtle Release
departure time
Holiday Season - the beginning
Waiting for our Taxi